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Minor Surgery

Skin Biopsy

Skin Tag, Mole & Blemish Removal

Minor skin imperfections are very common and usually harmless. They can arise due to many reasons including age, sun exposure and underlying health conditions.


We offer a range of treatments for the removal of skin tags, moles and superficial skin blemishes.

You can book an initial consultation with Dr Kalyan to review your skin lesion, or you can email a good quality photo for review.

Send a photo of the lesion to, indicating where on the body it is, if not obvious. Following a specialist review, we will reply with a provisional diagnosis, the most appropriate method of removal and the cost. 


Treatment methods used for skin blemish removal include: Electrocautery, CryoPen, Surgical and Shave Excision.


Cyst & Lipoma Removal

Excision involves removing the lesion along with a small margin of surrounding skin using a scalpel or surgical scissors. A very small incision is used after injection of local anaesthetic in order to minimise scarring and discomfort.

Once removed, the wound is closed. Any stitches used will be removed about seven days following surgery. Treatment usually takes between 30 – 45mins.


Histology / Biopsy – Following removal, the excised tissue is sent via courier for testing at a histology laboratory. Histology costs £199 and is a medical requirement for most lesion removals (not skin tags). If there are a number of lesions to be removed, this does not increase the cost of histology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electrocautery?

Electrocautery is a low risk, quick & effective method to remove skin blemishes. It uses a very fine sterile needle to introduce an electric current, which will remove the unwanted tissue. There may be a small scab which should heal in up to 14 days. It offers immediate and long lasting effects.


Electrocautery, suitable for age 18 and over, is one of the least invasive treatments for the removal of a range of superficial skin imperfections including appropriate moles. Treatment may be mildy uncomfortable and if necessary clients can apply topical EMLA numbing cream prior to procedure.


What is CryoPen?

CryoPen is a very effective and safe method to remove benign skin blemishes. It uses liquified nitrous oxide to freeze and destroy unwanted tissue. It's pen like structure allows precise application so that there is no damage to surrounding tissues.

No anaesthetic is required and there is no downtime with minimal scarring. The CryoPen can be used to safely treat a wide range of skin lesions such as pigmented spots, sun spots, warts, seborrheic keratoses and skin tags.

Surgical or Shave Excision

Surgical excision involves removing a  lesion along with a small margin of surrounding skin using a scalpel or scissors. Local anaesthetic is injected before the procedure to ensure it is a comfortable. The excised tissue is then sent via courier for testing at a histology laboratory. 


Shave excision is the most common form of removal for moles and blemishes that protrude from the surface of the skin. Local anaesthetic is administered to ensure the process is comfortable. A surgical razor is used to gently shave the blemish off and plane it down to the level of the surrounding skin. Shave excisions are quick, comfortable, heal within 7 – 10 days and do not require stitches.


The cost of removal may vary depending on the number of lesions to be removed, their size and location. The doctor will be clear if there are any additional costs involved.

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