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Joints Injections



If you or a loved one struggle from joint pain from arthritis or from an injury we can help you. Our trained and accredited GPs have a long history of safely treating patients suffering from joint pain. 

We offer steroid injections which reduce inflammation for pain and swelling. The effects allow you to more easily move your joints. Depending on the condition and steroid, your pain relief may go away for weeks or even months at a time. 

This will make activities such as walking, writing, exercise or sport much more enjoyable. Don’t miss out on trips, vacations or events with loved ones due to strong pain in your joints, when it can be so easily managed. Watch your quality of life drastically improve.

Before any treatment one of our experienced doctor will examine your afflicted joint, see if you are suitable for the injection and walk you through the resulting process. Most injections are used with a local anaesthetic. Depending on the steroid you may feel a reduction in pain within hours and later that day. Others can take up to a week to take hold.

* Please note that face to face appointments are downstairs and there are unfortunately no step-free access at this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions do you offer treatment for?

Hand: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, De Quervain’s Synovitis
Elbow: Tennis, Golfers Elbow
Shoulder: Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Impingement, Arthritis
Hip: Greater Trochanteric Bursitis
Knees: Osteoarthritis
Foot: Plantar Fasciitis

Will steroid injections cure my joint pain permanently?

Steroid injections will reduce pain for weeks or months at a time but they don’t cure the underlying problem or condition affecting your joint. Often these injections are used alongside other treatments such as physiotherapy and other medicine.

What should I do after the injection?

We advise patients to rest for 1-2 days and avoid strenuous exercise during that time.

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