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Lauren Collins

Assistant manager, Lauren Collins

Lauren Collins
Assistant Manager

Language spoken: English

Study & Experience

I majored in Health & Social Care Levels 1 and 2 in 6th Form at school.

I have worked within GP practices for over 17 years in various roles, from reception duties, data recall and management. 

I temporarily undertook the role of practice manager to assist in a merger between surgeries to ensure smooth handovers.  Assisting the staff team to accept changes to their work environment. 

I have worked with other surgeries to improve quality control within the practices. 


I believe patient confidentiality is paramount and ensure this is in practice at all times.  Patient have a need to contact their surgery and be assured that their medical records are updated and kept confidential at all times.  

With my background, I believe I can make a difference in enhancing patient experience.  

Personal Life

Outside of the working environment I like to spend time with my family, enjoying holidays and days out.   I enjoy going to restaurants and experiencing different cuisine. 

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