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Happy New Year

Welcome to the South London Private GP!

We are very excited to be seeing in 2019 with the company getting ready to go live; in the background we are working hard to get everything prepared. As Walter has already mentioned, we are growing our team and now have more experience and areas of expertise to share with our patients. We are looking at where we can best base ourselves to offer the best service. And we are working behind the scenes to meet all the regulatory requirements before getting our service going.

As a team, we have over 60 years clinical experience. I don’t bring any of that, but I have over ten years experience of managing GP services in different areas, always with the aim of supporting our doctors in providing the best care to our patients. The opportunity to do this in a new capacity, outside the confines of the traditional, geographically limited practice, is one I intend to grab with both hands.

Both as a practice manager, and a patient, I know the unique position a good GP, and a good GP practice, is in. When we do our job well, we are a constant, caring for a patient from before they’re born until after their final days, and for good times and bad in between. We provide a place where patients can get help for small ailments, preventative care, planned care and live changing emergencies.

In the early days of NHS care, GPs operated alone or in very small groups, often out of their homes. As the complexity of the care provided grew, so did the need to operate as bigger practices, allowing us to provide a greater range of services. A large GP practice will have clinicians with thousands of hours of training and hands on experience, and that knowledge and experience will be there for hundreds of patients to take advantage of every week. If the GP can’t help the patient enough, then we refer on to people who can. This is what we aim to bring to the private field – not a lone GP but a practice that will be able to bring the benefits of a whole team to providing care.

This is what we’re working towards, and like I say, we are excited to be getting ready to bring it to our patients.

Ed Hillan, Operation Manager

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