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Same Day Medical Consultations in South London

Same Day Medical Consultations in South London
Family Time


Do you or a family member have symptoms that need to be addressed today? Do you want a diagnosis from an experienced professional? Our team of doctors know that certain health concerns can’t wait to be addressed especially when your health and that of loved ones are concerned.


Here at the South London Private GP we can offer you and your family same day medical consultations in South London with a follow up of comprehensive services. Our team of doctors have a long track record of providing friendly, patient-centred family care of the highest standard for all ages from young children to elderly relatives.


We know it can be difficult to see a Private GP in a timely manner so we will make sure you and your loved ones are seen at a time that is convenient for you before your condition worsens.


At each consultation our doctor will listen and understand your symptoms. We will also take a full family and medical history to give you the highest level of care.


We will explain our diagnosis in detail, outline all of the steps that need to be taken, holding your hand through the whole process. We believe you deserve a doctor who understands you and your family's needs and can build a bespoke management plan to cater for those requirements.  


All patients are welcome, and you don’t need to be registered with us for a same day consultation. We are friendly and approachable and deeply committed to giving you the attention you deserve.

* Please note that face to face appointments are downstairs and there are unfortunately no step-free access at this time.

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Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

It’s easy to book with us. You can use our direct online booking which will show you time slots available.

How long will my appointment take?

We want you to receive the quality care you deserve. Therefore, our consultations are a minimum of 30 minutes so we can fully address your concerns.

* Please note that face to face appointments are downstairs and there are unfortunately no step-free access at this time.

Easy Appointments

What services do you include?

Once your health condition has been diagnosed and appraised we can assess you for possible exams or services. Many of these can be schedule a time next convenient to you.


These services include:

  • Specialist referrals

  • Cosmetic procedures like anti-wrinkle treatment by injection and wart treatments

  • Baby and childhood development check

  • Full range of childhood immunisations

  • Bespoke health screenings

  • Blood tests, STI tests and lab tests

  • Request for Ultra Sounds, CT & MRI Scans

  • Visa medicals

  • A sick note for work, providing we evaluate your current illness

  • A fit note for work, certifying your ability to return to work

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